Soft Hose & Tubing

  • Reinforced Industrial Hoses

    Greenland’s Duct Hose, Suction Hose and Spring Hose are used for high pressure surface delivery of liquid and powders. At the same time, having an excellent tolerant resistance against harsh chemicals.

  • PVC Hoses

    Greenland’s general purpose PVC Hoses are light-weight and flexible. Greenland has various types of hoses from clear, colored and reinforced to suit individual needs.

  • Insulation Foam Tube

    Greenland’s Foam Tube is a quality insulation tube of high-grade expanded polyethylene material with a closed cell structure obtained through direct extrusion.

  • HDPE Tube

    Greenland’s HDPE Tubes are ideal for extensive long distance piping as no joint is needed.